Eclipse is available in the following sizes:

Large  $1000   6’2″h x 1’8″w
X-Large  $1750   9’0″h x 2’6″w

As sculptures are built to order, lead times are typically 4-8 weeks.


  • Large
  • X-Large


Springdale, Utah is the proud hometown of Lyman Whitaker where he has become an iconic figure. Worthington Gallery, local residents, visitors and businesses, are inspired and delighted by the graceful moving kinetic sculptures that adorn various locations throughout the town.

For nearly four decades, Worthington Gallery has been proud to feature a wide selection of Lyman Whitaker wind sculptures displayed against the majestic backdrop of Zion Canyon. The wind sculptures come in a range of sizes and styles appropriate for any landscape.

Each wind sculpture comes with a steel ground mount, poles, and an instruction kit for simple installation. Lyman’s outdoor art can endure everything from the heat of the summer to the icy cold winter, and are suitable for both arid and humid climates. A sealed bearing allows each sculpture to turn freely in a soft breeze or rotate briskly in a strong wind with gusts up to 85 miles an hour.

Lyman dedicates his work to the wind and weather. He hopes that the sculptures will inspire love for our earth’s thin moving layer of air.

“It warms us, gives us breath, and sustains our being.”

-Lyman Whitaker