“Snow on the Great White Throne”


Snow on the Great White Throne

Jim Jones


Small        20″ x 16″   $300

Medium   30″ x 24″   $500

X-Large    44″ x 36″   $1150

Each giclee is printed on gallery-wrapped canvas and is ready to hang. PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.

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Zion’s Great White Throne is one of the largest stone monoliths in the world, and can be viewed best from Big Bend, as it is depicted here. In Jim Jones’ Snow on the Great White Throne one can experience the Great White Throne, the Virgin River, and the upper reaches of Zion Canyon itself in a covering of fresh snow. With the mild winters of Southern Utah significant amounts of snow reaching the canyon floor are an uncommon occurrence, but captured by Jones for people to appreciate year-round.